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Adult Tennis Lessons Singapore

Adult Tennis Lessons in Singapore

These highly personalized lessons ensure that even the most complex techniques are simplified for you to pick up  easily and quickly. Your time, money and efforts will reap certain rewards. These lessons last for 8 to 12 weeks, where you will learn everything from the basics to the most technical steps, keeping your tennis goals and busy schedules in mind. Our adult tennis lessons are offered in two categories for better facilitation of our customers:


Customers who want to pick up tennis quickly should opt for private lessons with 1-to-1 coaching.


Customers who want more affordability and company when learning tennis should opt for group lessons.

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Tennis Racket and Ball


I have my first ever lesson with Coach Ernest. He is a very passionate coach and I am able to tell that he is very experienced as he is able to correct my technique immediately with easy to remember tips. His friendly and enthusiastic personality also allows beginners like myself to experience the game of tennis with ease and confidence. Highly recommended!

Ernest is an amazing coach! I went into my first lesson apprehensive as it is widely known that golf and tennis doesnt exactly go well together and I am pleasantly surprised. With his coaching, I was able to rally the ball comfortably by the second lesson.

His delivery of classes is clear and crisp and is very beginner friendly. He is able to cater to all levels of expertise and is flexible with his classes which he customises to fit the needs of his students. Would definitely recommend him!


1 or 2 Pax Tennis Lesson


3 Pax & Above 


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