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Tennis Serve


  • What to bring/wear for your tennis lessons?
    Tennis Balls will be provided by our coaches. If you do not have a tennis racket, you can request that the coach bring a spare racket as well. However, it is recommended to bring/get your own racket. Come for lesson dressed in your comfortable sports attire with sports shoe (preferably non-marking or court shoes) and enjoy the lesson! Don’t forget your water bottles too!
  • What happens when it rains?
    Before lesson starts Please liaise directly with your coach. You may cancel / reschedule another lesson and there will be no charge. However, inform your coach at least 1 hour prior to the lesson. During the lesson To cover our coaches travel fee and time loss, if it rains between 0 – 30 mins into the lesson, a charge of 50% will be incurred. After 30 mins into the lesson, it will be counted as a full hour. However, our coaches will make up on the loss timings for the particular lesson during the next scheduled or subsequent classes.
  • What if I have to cancel the class?
    Private Apartment/Condominium Please liaise directly with your coach and you are required to inform your instructor at least ONE (1) day before the lesson should you wish to postpone your lesson. For group classes, there will no compensation or make up lessons unless a valid doctor medical certificate is produced. Public Courts You will be required to pay the court fees for your cancellation unless it happens to rain during the timing that you have booked.
  • Where do you conduct the tennis lessons?
    Our coaches will be able to travel to wherever is most convenient for you. If you live in a private apartment/condominium with tennis court available, you can book the court and our coaches will travel to your premises to conduct the lesson there. Of course, you will be able to save up on the public court booking fees too! If your lesson is held at a public tennis court, yourself or the coach may book the court. Please check out our tennis court locations page for the list of public courts available for booking in SG 😊
  • How do I book a tennis court?
    Public Tennis Courts Please sign up and book with the required information needed at or Private Apartment/Condominium Please approach your management office/guardhouse/app/website to find out more about how you can book the tennis courts.
  • How long will it take for me to learn the basics of tennis?
    Based on our experience, you will be able to learn the basics by the 8th – 12th lesson. However, many factors like e.g. prior experience, coordination, health & fitness level may play a part in your learning progress. Speak to our professional coaches about your aim/goals so that we can better tailor the training programmes to your requirements.
  • How do I make payment for the fees?
    After registration, we will contact you to arrange a suitable coach for a paid trial lesson. Coaching fees are to be paid in full via PayNow or Bank Transfer. Payments are to be made in advance. Iconic Tennis reserves the right to postpone your sessions if payment has not been received.
  • What happens if I decide to discontinue my package I’ve signed-up?
    You will be entitled to receive 50% of the lessons yet to be completed. For any exceptional cases, please email us @ or contact us at 9061 1295.
  • What if I don't have a racquet
    Do not worry! Our coaches will be able to provide it for your lessons. If you would like to purchase your own tennis rackets, please liase with our friendly coaches first as we will advise on the what’s best for you!
  • I would like to register for a group lesson
    Sign up for our Group Lessons here : ​
  • How do I sign up?
    Please fill in our registration forms or contact us at 9061 1295 and we will arrange for the lessons as soon as possible.
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