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​Tennis Ball Machine Rental in Singapore

Tennis Ball Machine Rental in Singapore

This service is for schools, park committees or small-scale academies that do not have access to the key equipment needed for playing tennis, such as a tennis ball machine. With Iconic Tennis, gearing up for your next tennis match will not be a difficult task because we offer renting of our tennis ball machine as well as accompanying balls, all at reasonable prices. Customers can opt to collect at their own convenience or have the equipment delivered to them for an additional cost.


Tennis Racket and Ball


Machine was useful in helping me with my forehand. It's amazing how a simple machine can control so many functions like Spin, Power & Height. Will definitely rent again.


I contacted Iconic Tennis for Ball Machine services and I enjoyed my session as with the Machine, I was able to control the power, spin and direction of the ball.. not forgetting the quick response and delivery of the ball machine to my Condo.

I also had a session with a friendly and helpful coach. My Hitting Partner even gave me tips on how to improve my various strokes. Highly recommended 👍🏽


Tennis Ball Machine

(Without Tennis Balls)


70 Trainer Balls with convenient ball picker

$20 SGD

Delivery Fee

(Deliver & Pick-Up)

$30 SGD

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